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To open the chest of humanity to connect, feel, express

By creating a student centered, authentically honest space

For there to be wonder, curiosity and appreciation

While experiencing the rituals of making, investigating and expressing

Resulting in works of honesty, intention, authenticity and power

With everlasting learnings to carry

About the self, about the student, about the world

To run into our lives rapidly

Filled with hope and commitment

Creating the Worlds we dream of


I believe that I am here to be a facilitator:

Presenting a collection of dots for my students

To draw the lines between them

How they see fit

As they connect to the world around them

Within and between them

In the appreciation of art

With the ability to create

In flow, in critical and creative thinking

While making artistic choices

That are in alignment with who they are

What they find important

& connected to self


To me a teaching philosophy can only be grasped

If embodied, if experienced, if witnessed.


The greatest tool: is to learn how we learn.

Then transforming myself and my classroom

To meet the students that stand before me.

Learning happens through experience

Through the senses. Through the hands.

Through digestion of multiple angles and mediums

Through the heart. Through the mind.

Through the open and curious soul.

Through a deepening and expanding of self.

Once we learn how we learn:

We have unlocked the beasts

Of the students of life


So to prepare, I choose to embody my philosophy

Every morning waking up the senses

defined and undefined

As I place my feet on the ground

With the imperfect intention to create and appreciate

Some would say life, my senses say magic


- - -

For when we breathe in the world around us

We can pick apart every thread of it to marvel in

Eyes widening to witness the beauty in the details

As they tip toe around me searching for symbols and meaning

While igniting sense of self: identity, culture, elders

Being whole, open and curious as we seek to understand other

While letting our hands feel through the history of humanity

As we attempt to understand the fossils we stand on

While feeding our soul’s the findings to digest

Marinating and brewing a planet of experience

Waking our spirits up to listen silently and mindfully

Until they begin to weave the next attempt

To express what it means to be human

What matters. What story needs to be told.

What awareness needs to be shared.

What really needs to be witnessed and heard.


Again and again and again


It’s the magic that is already around us

The light and shadows stirring within us

& this thread that is weaved through

Each and everyone of us


To teach is to strum on these threads

Awaken the giants of the youth

To feel, to express, to create, to learn

As we all fumble to take our hearts

& share the experience

Of being an imperfect human.

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