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A piece of a piece

Of an alter setting

For an intention


12" x 12" Glicee Prints

Photo Rag Baryta Paper | Fine Art Paper

Photograph of an Alter Piece created by Simcha


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"You are the Lion & The Lamb"


A journal page that stuck around

Through the building and the breaking

Of a marriage that moved so quickly

Yet ended in a sting with ancient posion to heal

All, as the same intention stands

Guiding through an obstacle course for lifetimes

To break the karma of caring for others

More than self


A reminder to hold power

While remaining open and soft

Like the boldest of honey

Slow and tender

Consolidated and bold

Where little energy creates big impact

Of passion. of sweetness.

Of the joy of life.


The lion

& the lamb

Must exsist

Within the same


You are The Lion+ The Lamb

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