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Edition of 7 | 14" x 14" Glicee Prints
Photo Rag Baryta Paper | Fine Art Paper

Captured from an original Mixed Media Painting
Signed by Artist | With intuitive final articulations on piece
(Channeled for the buyer)


Edition (meaning never printed again)
of SEVEN (in this size/way)






Original photo taken in NYC in 2012
Printed in 2014 on hand treated digital mount on charcoal paper

Shown in 2014 for solo show "My Precious"
Featured at Lura Resturant and Bar in New York City
Articulated with pastel, ink, charcoal, watercolor and sharpie in 2021
Digital Version created in 2022




From a series of photographs
Printed on hand treated pastel paper
As I figured and coated it to hold
The ink of a printer, as it held the clarity
As imperfectly perfect as possible

Letting this series sit
For years and years until I felt the courage
To truly become the mixed media artist
I knew I always wanted to be

Featuring the hands of a man
Who lead me to a lot of doors
As he cracked them open
For me to peak into to learn
More about myself

Instead of peaking
I would leap head first
Normally falling a bunch
Making a mess
As he would fade away
To discover another door

I intend with this new moon
To integrate what it means
To slow down in the space between
For more mindful steps
Ensuring my foundation solid
As well as pausing to create
Safety and sweetness in my steps

As I see those I look to
Trusting the pause and that moment
Not rushing into oblivion
Like a tight rope Walker
But rather, a wholly worker
Carrying all of themselves

Just as this man has shown me
From afar over the years

These hands : Clay Patrick McBride
Initiating my series I wish to slowly and sweetly
Honor as I heal from disordered eating
For real this time
So it doesn’t pop up with a mask
Of another vice within some
Thing / one / where / why / way

As I trust in my commitment
To take my extended Shabbat
From the controlling my life
As I restore to vitality + strength
While I tend to the dis-ease
I’ve carried my whole life

Two Hands of Precious

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