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Edition of 9  |  8" x 8" Glicee Prints

Photo Rag Baryta Paper | Fine Art Paper

Captured from an original Mixed Media Painting


Signed by Artist | With intuitive final articulations on piece

(Channeled for the buyer)


Series of 9 will be printed

To never be printed this size

Or in this way again


Original Image found at an Antique Store

Based in Dolores, Colorado

Summer of 2022

Simcha begin working on it

Right away : sharpies, paint, string, beads

Ink, sacred pauses, oils, paint strippers

Sponges, needles, brushes, chop sticks


Further might come with the resin

This, the digital print version

Original will become available in store

AND you can always arrange for a piece

To be made for you, based off of your

Essence, heart, texture, metaphors.



(this photo taken prior to the pour

for the digital verision to not have

the resin glare of doom)


Set with intention.

Articulated with deep prayers + Shabbats

Alongside Simcha + Self

Her I claim my voice of G-d

Working through my fingertips

To share her messages


Original Artwork + Prints can be collected.

Shekhinah +Yeshua

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