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Edition of 18 | 11" x 14" Glicee Prints

Photo Rag Baryta Paper | Fine Art Paper

Captured from an original Mixed Media Painting


Signed by Artist | With intuitive final articulations on piece

(Channeled for the buyer)


Series of 18 will be printed

To never be printed this size

Or in this way again


Original Image found in a Life Magazine

Found because of a Cover shouting "Jeudism"


Articulated in the 70s | Published in the States of America

Found in Dolores, Colorado end of 2020

Purchased to treat Self

During the Festival of Lights

To be Articulated two years later


Set with intention.

Articulated with deep prayers + Shabbats

Alongside Simcha + Self

Her I claim my voice of G-d

Working through my fingertips

To share her messages

I enter Your House to Worship with Awe in Your Sacred Place

SKU: Enter-house-worship
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