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  • 18" x 7" x 1.25" Mask(s)

    Made of Wood + variety of paint mediums




    Found in Dolores, Colorado

    In an antique store

    slightly worn + entirely bare

    to be Ritualed with

    commune + felt together

    To ask, To listen, To respond, To repeat

    Between silence, breath and sways

    Of fixing, adding, articulating


    As I continued to heal

    collecting ritual items

    To add the mystic rhythms to

    As I ask us both : the purpose

    of that very breath together

    In moment, space + body


    For the collection of masks

    I found myself wondering:

    what masks can we have

    not as inauthentic, rather protection

    For those that are tender

    Sensing - Feeling - Being

    More, sometimes referred to as "too"



    This one : 

    kept the messages clear

    from the channels I have

    to the cosmos

    for bigger possibility

    variety of perspectives

    and wisdom of compassion

    with an ability to

    simply love



    my own heart

    and others

    wholly and all

    I am Guided by Le Crown

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