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  • Edition of 7 | 14" x 14" Glicee Prints
    Photo Rag Baryta Paper | Fine Art Paper

    Captured from an original Mixed Media Painting
    Signed by Artist | With intuitive final articulations on piece
    (Channeled for the buyer)


    Edition (meaning never printed again)
    of SEVEN (in this size/way)



    Original photo taken in NYC in 2012
    Printed in 2014 on hand treated digital mount on charcoal paper

    Shown in 2014 for solo show "My Precious"
    Featured at Lura Resturant and Bar in New York City
    Articulated with pastel, ink, charcoal, watercolor and sharpie in 2021
    Digital Version created in 2021



    Original images captured in NYC during Hurricane Sandy
    while studying at School of Visual Arts to earn
    My Masters in Digital Photographer

    As I digested Photo Journalism from @jamesestrin

    By his presentations of projects that pushed the edges
    Of what it means to be a journalist

    To tell a story - as I pushed the boundaries to direct
    However I could, the subjects to create
    A journal outside of my own self portraits.


    I had recently received a letter
    The last one ever written of a man
    Who's heart longer beat.


    To place myself in the story
    I let myself stand for vulnerability
    Creating an example to share
    Before guiding them to gather
    An object: That if a robber arrived
    They most likely wouldn't bother
    Grabbing such a thing
    But if they did, it would tear their heart open.


    Something of little value to the world
    But means the world to us
    That fits in their hands


    To put my own hands back into my work, 
    I painted big pieces of pastel paper
    With an inkjet setting gel

    To pick up some wisdom from another class
    Taught by @katrin_eismann and @tompashe
    An experiment of Alternative printing


    Now, it's time to add the articulations
    Of the growth that has come
    Since I have received that letter


    Even if the pattern of death
    Or near death
    As continued for what seems like
    The centuries it has been.

    His Last Letter

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