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  • When purchasing this, you are also claiming an opportunity

    For a prior meeting / zoom / phone / voice exchange / whatever

    To initiate relationship, exchange intentions and to begin to commune. It is around whatever works best for you and feels most comfortable. 


    The main purpose of this, is for us to come to an intention for your portrait : So we begin to be with it. Let ourselves slow dance with it if you will.


    Then, there will be an experience of capturing : photo, video, gif, paint : whatever arises as we figure together what best represents you in that present moment. 


    Post experience, you have another opportunity after some time to reflect, while I do the same to slim down the edits and be with the work. We will meet for us to go through a curated series of selections, reflect together both about the intial intention, as well as the visual work itself.


    Post, there will be some rest time, selections and agreements will be made on what the final outcomes of your portrait(s) is dependent on the sacred time commitment + financial exchange.


    For an additional option, there is also the ability, again time sensitive, of having me create a digital version - for prints to be available to offer in the shop : as well as have for yourself.

    Commune to Capture to Mix Media Alter Creation

    SKU: surreal-portrait-self
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