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A piece of a piece

Of an alter setting

For an intention


8" x 10" Glicee Prints

Photo Rag Baryta Paper | Fine Art Paper

Photograph of an Alter Piece created by Simcha


- - - - - - - - - - - - -


The poem behind the piece:


"Respect me now"

My shadow demanded

"Please, just quiet down"

I pleaded

"I will only get louder

You will hear my rage

And you must listen"

She sternly told me

As she put a weight on my heart

"Why? Tell me."

I had to know why

She must be heard so constantly

To tell me about sadness, blame and shame

"Because I have a message for you

And your purpose of living

That you desperately want to define

Is within it," she got my attention


So I sat, quietly and listened

And as I gave her space,

The rage settled, the blame stopped

I heard very clearly and simply

The work I was here to do


To know, full heartily that I am wholly.

Whole and holy, to know I'm not alone

That the magic I hold is a necessity

And that all that she holds

Is fuel for my own healing

To then serve others


I found myself on my knees

As I slightly bowed, to honor her

She became lighter and sweeter

"Just like when you speak,

Want to be listened to...

That's all I want as well.

I am not evil. I am a part of you."

I heard, sitting longer with her

As I saw the lightness in me

And the darkness in me

Hold hands in silence

Bringing Reverence to The Shadow

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