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Edition of 9  |  8" x 8" Glicee Prints

Photo Rag Baryta Paper | Fine Art Paper

Captured from an original Mixed Media Painting


Signed by Artist | With intuitive final articulations on piece

(Channeled for the buyer)


Series of 9 will be printed

To never be printed this size

Or in this way again


Original Image found in a family box

of The Guttenplan Family

Articulated to treat the Family

During the Festival of Lights in 2021


Set with intention.

Articulated with deep prayers + Shabbats

Alongside Simcha + Self

Her I claim my voice of G-d

Working through my fingertips

To share her messages


Inquiry to have your Family of Blood Articulated

Original Artwork + Prints can be collected.

A Love Note to a Man I Wish I Knew

SKU: blood-grandpa-S
Only 9 left in stock
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