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In Honor of Louis Dunson

My beloved lost his grandfather to the Angel of Death. I got to spend a weekend with Louis, as he laid his daughter under the earth last year. Too shortly after, we returned to Oklahoma to do the same for him. I captured the weekend, in partnership with my love son Remi. The sacred moments not caught will be forever kept in my heart - yet there is a part of me that wishes I captured my beloved's act to honor his grandfather.

I simply can't imagine the impact he had on his blood line, for my one weekend with him will sit in my spine past my last breath. He was a man of magic, of wisdom, of eldership and of unabashed unconditional love. I am so grateful to have gotten to know him, spend some time with him on the land he grew up on and to experience the roots of where my beloved comes from.

(pictures of our time with him at the end. he wanted me to take a picture of his wife who he was laid next to - which he is pointing out to the boys in the other picture)

This was a hard weekend, yet we found giggles and adventure. One of the most divine gifts of having youth around, is that they come with the desire to seek light and magic... no matter what. I couldn't help but capture the beautiful tragedy of this past weekend.

This is my honoring of him. of his life. of his legacy. of the hearts that ache for him. of mourning.


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